Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Buzzzzzzy Beeeeee

I was in a small meeting...
I started to activate my Chimera and danced....
And rezzed a tip-jar....

[14:24] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Urael DeCuir has just donated 50L$
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Eli Dailey has just donated 51L$
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Urael DeCuir has just donated 52L$
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Eshe Nakim has just donated 53L$
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Eli Dailey has just donated 54L$
[14:25] Urael DeCuir: Nuuu!
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox shouts: Urael DeCuir has just donated 1000L$
[14:25] Essie Radfords DonationBox: Urael DeCuir donated 1000L$
[14:26] Essie Radford: you are nuts!
[14:26] Urael DeCuir: I win
[14:26] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): ((fuck...I only have 573 L ^.^))
[14:26] Essie Radford: ok, anybody over him? ;p
[14:26] Urael DeCuir: <--- Winning
[14:26] Essie Radford breakdances
[14:27] Essie Radford: i just dont do pole dancing.... >.>
[14:29] Eshe (eshe.nakim): Urael won the Bee. You get to take her home with you
[14:29] Eshe (eshe.nakim): And do deviant insect things
[14:29] Core (coredump.writer): Oh really ?
[14:29] Urael DeCuir frees the baby bumble bee
[14:30] Essie Radford: buzzz buzzzzz
[14:35] Maddie Scorpio: Hey a dancing bee ^^
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): LOL
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): with a mohwak
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): mohawk*
[14:35] Essie Radford: giggles
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): Is that Urael's "Bee form"
[14:35] Essie Radford: buzzzzzz
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): ?
[14:35] Maddie Scorpio: how sweet =3
[14:35] Urael DeCuir: Wut?
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): It has yer mohawk dude
[14:35] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): It's yer twin
[14:36] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): The BumbleBee Alpha
[14:36] Eimear has left the region.
[14:36] Urael DeCuir: lol that's Collins Mohawk
[14:36] Σlijah 'Σli' ℬellua (eli.dailey): in some parrell universe....
[14:36] Essie Radford: aye, he is my brotha ;p

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

IC or OOC?

[14:10] Mark: ouch
[14:10] Mark: don't bump the smithy
[14:10] Essie: he is ooc, lol
[14:10] Mark: bad girl
[14:11] Mark: I should whip you ooc
[14:11] Essie runs ooc
[14:12] Mark tears your shirt ooc
[14:13] Essie kills you ooc
[14:13] Mark is ooc dead but IC will revenge me
[14:13] Essie: that is metagaming
[14:13] Essie banns
[14:14] Mark: it is not it is allowed in the rules
[14:14] Essie: yes it is.....
[14:14] Mark: footnote 2242 in fine print on page 1034322
[14:14] Essie: i made the rules...muwhahaahaha
[14:14] Essie burns yours
[14:14] Mark pinches your ass OOC and IC
[14:14] Essie: ouch
[14:14] Essie slaps you ic and ooc
[14:15] Mark tears your clothes off and has sex with you IC and OOC
[14:16] Essie moans ooc
[14:17] Mark fucks you ooc
[14:17] Essie has an orgasm ooc
[14:18] Mark switches and fucks you IC too
[14:18] Essie breaks your cock ic
[14:18] Mark dies IC and fucks you ooc till he cums ;)
[14:18] Essie lets you and watches tv...ooc and ic
[14:19] Mark is satisfied and thinks it is like always
[14:19] Essie yawns and falls asleep ooc and ic

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do 'frotters' do?

[01:55] Annie Ibanez: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[01:55] Annie Ibanez: *rubs her eyes with soap*
[01:56] Essie Radford: lolzzzzzz
[01:56] Annie Ibanez: LOL @ frotter
[01:56] Annie Ibanez: is that ferret + otter?
[01:56] Essie Radford: i love my frotter adventures
[01:56] Essie Radford: yes
[01:56] Annie Ibanez: you know what frotting is right?
[01:56] Essie Radford: she is a ferret, but thinks she is an otter
[01:56] Essie Radford: no idea ;p
[01:56] Annie Ibanez: OMFG!
[01:56] Annie Ibanez: it makes it all the more funnier!
[01:57] Annie Ibanez: So frot, frotting, frottage = when two men rub their penises together.
[01:57] Essie Radford: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[01:57] Annie Ibanez: usually referring to rubbing together between a piece of fabric like underwear
[01:57] Essie Radford: LMFAO
[01:57] Essie Radford: *falls off her chair*
[01:57] Annie Ibanez: Thats why I nearly snorted my water when I saw you called yourself Frotter!!!!!!
[01:58] Essie Radford: hahahahahahaa
[01:58] Annie Ibanez: I thought it was on purpose!
[01:58] Annie Ibanez: XD
[01:58] Essie Radford: well, we are 'active' as frotters ;p
[01:58] Annie Ibanez: A 'frotter" is someone who frots
[01:58] Annie Ibanez: *Diiiiies laughing*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interview for the Mystara Tribune

Essie, great you have some time to do this interview with us! Let's shoot right into it... How did you end up in SL Essie?
Essie Radford: Oh, that was a loooonggg time ago... I think it was after seeing a tv item about 4.5 years ago. And -you know me- i was curious and went to check out the website and then downloaded the viewer... and a noob was born... The first experience was like "owwww wtf is on my screen.... and people were talking to me and I had noooo clue how to respond. So I looked up more info and did the 'Help Island'. After that I was able to 'search', 'teleport' and put new clothes on.

Where did you go? Did you end up in Fantasy right away?
Essie Radford: The first place I went to was a jazz club. Not cuz of the music, but the people who came there were very relaxed. There were a lot of dutch people there who explained to me more about sl, and they gave me a folder with interesting landmarks. And 4.5 years ago... there weren't many good looking places in SL... the peek hours would have 17.000 people online :) And then I came across a ballroom that was in the medieval/fantasy style. There was a roleplay sim attached to it and after getting the right clothing and observing I became a member

So that became your home in SL?
Essie Radford: No, not at that time. For me it was a place to hang out and have some 'medieval' conversations and attend some events. I liked to do combat and i joined a lot of tournaments there. But it never really felt like home. Simply because the owners just had the power to kick everybody they wanted. I became a guardian, a mentor, greeter for the EU.But I saw so many wrong things there that I went looking around. At that time, there were many Dutch and German members and they needed some help.

So what fascinated you about SL? Why not go play WOW? You can fight there too, more than in SL
Essie Radford: What I love about SL, is that you can directly talk to people, and interact. There are many worlds you can go to. And the WOW online is just brainless clicking with your mouse button to me. I tried it, but I got bored very fast. And SL gives you more of an identity. You make friends, you go to a club, you can shop till you drop or until your funds have vanished.... more social

So when you left that first fantasy sim, where did you explore? Did you become an Admin right away?
Essie Radford: I went exploring in Aglarond, The owner was still building it. And then I saw a lot of people from the other sim too. I talked briefly to the owner and she seemed as a very kind and relaxed person. And no, I didn't became an Admin right away.... it was 2 weeks after I became a member. I became co-leader of the elves and a few weeks later I became a "Knight" that is a sim Admin.

Never thought about making money here, or doing your own roleplay sim?
Essie Radford: hehe, nice question... IF I would have the RL funds to buy a sim for myself, I would have done that years ago. I do have a shop here in SL, with my partner Mark. He makes fantasy eyes and animations for my weapons. I build weapons, houses and more things. The shop runs good, good enough to pay my rent and have enough left to safe some. But not enough to buy myself an entire sim :(

What are you like as a person? How would you describe yourself?
Essie Radford: I am a very relaxed person, well most of the time unless you really know how to push the limits. I am very helpful and I try to be veryyyy patient with people who are new to SL. I have guided a lot of noobs in the past and yes... it can be annoying sometimes :) I am also a person who will speak up for others when they are being targeted at. I speak up my mind and I am very direct... Some people can't handle that or don't understand and call me a bitch :)

Isn't that typically Dutch, to be very direct?
Essie Radford: Yes it is. And I also have dyslexia so my answers can be even more direct and very brief. I have it written all over my profile but some people still don't get it :P I have whipped my own forehead many, many years until somebody said... "why are you hurting yourself?" I keep it brief, mainly cuz I want to try to avoid miscommunication

I think it's fair to say that when you came to SL it was still it it's infancy, or teens at least. What changed since?
Essie Radford: Things were very basic when I came to SL. There weren't many add-ons possible for avatars besides the freebies that you found at the freebie-dungeons. Many people were walking in the same outfit, had the same hair etc. I remember when the sculpts were introduced, at first I found it annoying that they would rezz as big bubbles first and you needed to be patient to see what it would become So many has changed since I first stepped into SL... at peek times, there were 15.000 people online at the same time... and that was laggyyyyyyy... I think there were about 1 million members in second life. I don't know how many now but the amount of people that can be online is huge. I also remember the introduction of "voice" and my first experience hearing it..... I was in a shop for clothing and two people were talking in local...2 females... then it seemed like a nice conversation, until one of their children asked a simple question... the woman exploded and went cursing to the child... that put me off :(

Any other changes you found notable?
Essie Radford: There have been many changes, like the introduction of the XStreetsl...the online shopping for Second life.... woowww I am so ancient :P

A dinosaur... Did you ever think about going to any of the other ones? Open sim? Blue Mars?
Essie Radford: Never! I liked the grid I am on now, and I have great friends:)

So how did you discover Mystara?
Essie Radford: Well, there is a long story before I found Mystara...

Cool, let's hear it!
Essie Radford: I was a sim Admin in Aglarond for 2 long years until a new owner kicked me out. Aglarond had 9 sims... 4 full sims and 5 open sims. I managed about 60 groups and needed 2 alts to help me with that lol. When LL upped the costs for having an open sim, The owner of Aglaornd was forced to sell some of the sims in order to safe the realm. And at one point she even had to sell her own created main sim. And that new owner kicked me without a reason. Not long after that, the new owner left and o well... enough about that... I moved on, looking for a new place, and started at the bottom of the search list, I found Erebos. zero traffic but a great place for roleplay. Me and the owners had some talks that they were thinking about closing it and use it for private only.

So the dream fell apart... why start at the bottom after you'd been at the top? Aglarond was a big sim!
Essie Radford: Aglarond wasn't a dream...:) the original Aglarond will always be in my heart, shame it was destroyed... but it will always be in my heart A top or bottom, that is the same for me....

So Erebos...
Essie Radford: I had a friend with me that liked the sim too, that it had great potential for RP. The owners told me that the former Erebos owner left behind a very bad reputation, so that could be a reason why the people didn't want to come there. When I joined, a lot of the Aglarond member joined me to Erebos:) Picking raceleaders was very easy cuz I already knew what qualities they had:) And everything went smoothly, until the owner went to a more active in a cowboy RP sim rather than supporting their own sim. And they lost interest in Erebos. Members left cuz of it, and I took the step of stepping down. Cuz I didn't get the full support of the owners anymore. People asked me where I was going to rp. But I told them that I would take a small break and i went to the commercial part of the medieval/fantasy world.

So you picked a new realm or not? You opened a shop?
Essie Radford: I was very shortly in a sim, but nothing big. I had a group where Midnight Mania is promoted for medieval and fantasy items. And I offered to help in the Medieval RP hub. The mall was empty, hardly any sim was promoting it. But after some hard weeks of work, the sim was all rented out, people were on a waiting list and we had 28.000 traffic for 1/2 sim. All people that were shopping and hanging around OOC in the village mall that I made. At that time I started to do some more weapon designing and scripting and gave them all away for free... Then some people 'forced' me to make a shop for myself, and sell my designs, so I did. At first very small with two 1024 plots but I got so many weapons that I needed a bigger place. I am now in a 1/4 homestead with my shop:) hehe the 'forced' was more like... "Essie you are crazy if you don't make a shop, your stuff looks awesome!" The weapons cost no more than 250L, I like things cheap:)

So it seems pretty safe to say that you turned that Roleplay Hub into a success
Essie Radford: Yes, it was running smoothly, until the owners wanted more cash, and they destroyed the part what attracted the people... and traffic went down, merchants left etc

So you've been a greeter, Admin, business owner, ....
Essie Radford: And even club owner ;p

Seems you get fucked over a lot because you owned a club too?
Essie Radford: Yes, Hysteria, it was located in Agoth first, then in Drakonis.

People seem to have let you down a lot
Essie Radford: Well, everything is fine, until people start to see $$ signs.....And with everything you do for others, you have a risk that they can also let you down

So, what happened after the mall emptied? You focused on your shop?
Essie Radford: yes, I focused on my shop, my groups and website for the group. I did some casual RP, but didn't want to get involved too much. Mark and I visited several places where we could RP freely, but most sims had drama drama DRAMA Then I found Mystara, it was very low on traffic, but I went to check it out anyway. I was amazed by the builds and terraforming. And when I joined the group, I was reading that it closed for rp...just 2 days before I got there..... I was like...BUMMER

So that's when you found Mystara closed???
Essie Radford: It was in September of last year

Why was it closed?
Essie Radford: The Admins that Annie had, left her, and she couldn't run it herself as she has a RL business too. So she closed it for the organized RP. People could use the sim for free form roleplay but there were no groups... There were also house available for rent... I lived in the place and I rented a house:) I first told her how amazing the place is and that I felt sad there was no organized RP. She then told me about the reasons she 'closed' it and at a later point I offered her my help. First I promoted it in my groups and I organized a scavenger hunt in the sim. Some of the old players liked what I was trying to do and after doing some more promoting, old friends from other places came to check it out. It is very overwhelming to go from zero traffic to the 47.000 we had last Sunday.... I was hoping for 10-12.000 LOL Mystara is now a fast growing realm, with 1200 members and still growing, with an average traffic of 37k

Yes, how would you personally explain the explosion in traffic?
Essie Radford: If I would tell, then our secret would come out :P joke

Did you change anything to the realm itself? Or you just helped Annie reorganize the RP?
Essie Radford: Annie did all the building, I wouldn't dare change anything LOL I am a builder, terraformer, but I cant disturb somebody else's great looking sim

What DID you reorganize?
Essie Radford: Well, reorganize is a big word, I think I mainly helped by motivating and giving ideas, opinions etc. Like starting small with groups, and don't grow till we have people for it. At first we had all races in 1 race group, until we had enough to make a separate group and had a leader... baby steps; Annie hired the sim Admins, people she already knew, and had always backed her up in the past:) And we as a team fit well together

So the sim shot up into the stratosphere. Any problems according to you with the increased numbers?
Essie Radford: Well, the members and applications came in like a tsunami, So I spent a lot of time helping people around. Yes, it is... In the past 4.5 years I have been in SL. I have never seen a realm with such numbers. and not just good numbers for 1 or 2 days, or during an we are doing good all the time. The players are all very motivated, and Mystara is a place where people can RP more free than most sims around. But the players also stick to the origin of the race that they play. So everything is well balanced And yes, of course there has been some drama.... Some people will always try to get it their way, while we are already so relaxed with things. They feel they don't have enough.

What, if anything, do you feel could still be improved in Mystara?
Essie Radford: There are always things that can be improved:) And when we find it, we work with it or deal with it right away:) nothing worth mentioning:) -top secret-

Do you think Mystara is different from other fantasy roleplay sims?
Essie Radford: Yes. Mystara is somewhat different.... First we have a relaxed owner, who doesn't say "It is my sim, I pay for it, I do what I want with it...take it or leave it!". Annie is a great person and she cares about every single member. Same goes for the Admin team, we are relaxed and helpful, and the mentors too... If you just look at the group chat, you will get a 'family' feeling, where people enjoy themselves:0 another thing that makes Mystara special is that we give the members a voice... they can openly talk about concerns/ideas etc on the forum. The Admin take them very serious and take them with us when we develop plots or if we perhaps need to change something

So you think it's all a collaboration? Mystara is a co-creation? Maybe that's where the strength lies then?
Essie Radford: :) Most sims I have been are so "tight" in rules.... only the owners will counts... nothing else... bleh, I don't like that

What do you love so about roleplay in second life?
Essie Radford: That you can 'act', that you can place yourself in a situation that you can not do in RL. I always loved medieval/fantasy and I read a lot of books. And SL-RP is a great way to meet people who feel the same :)

Ever get attracted to other roleplay? Steampunk or Western? Gor perhaps?
Essie Radford: I tried sci-fi... I also RP'd in a few Gorean sims... Sci-fi just wasn't IT for me

And you don't like sex, so you didn't like Gor either...
Essie Radford: And Gorean was too much 'females aren't worth a penny' attitude

We know you like combat, so... Are you for or against meters? Do you think both have a place maybe?
Essie Radford: Woman aren't allow to combat in Gor, so females make male alts and fight anyway:P I did a lot of combat with several different meters, it is nice..for a while... But the quality of the RP isn't what it is supposed to be Mystara is at its best without meter; this also means we do not get the brainless mouse button clickers:) There is no best meter they all lag ;p there have been many new meters lately but I haven't tried them all.

4.5 years in SL "Miss Dinosaur", any regrets??? Would you change anything when looking back?
Essie Radford: nothing:) or I wouldn't be where I was now!

What still grabs your attention then, in SL?
Essie Radford: The beauty of sims, the details of buildings and textures; mostly the creative part.

What role, if any, do you see mesh having in Second Life? How do you see it affecting Mystara?
Essie Radford: Nothing important, mesh is useless when you want to modify it. Cuz you can't. If I buy an item, house, clothing, I want to be able to modify it till I like it. I think it will take a long time before mesh gets official in Sl because it has to do with the license. Of course it will have a big impact for people who can't edit/modify; they will like it.

Do you have any advice you would like to offer to new role players?
Essie Radford: New roleplayers in a medieval/fantasy theme..... just keep your character simple. Do not start RPing a race that is very complicated. Observe a lot, and read a lot. Do some research on the web. We have RP classes each week, they can join that. Keeping things simple is the best when you start...

There have been lots of new developments in Mystara lately, what did you think of our first newspaper issue?
Essie Radford: Very detailed, I read it :) I also like the new shops we have, like the postal office and the General store.

The postal office is really cool anything special you'd like to add?
Essie Radford: hmm lemme think..... I want to say, that I LOVE Mystara and its people :)

Thanks for the time to do this interview :p
Essie Radford: i have more... but that takes another 2 hours!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If RL would be based on SL.... how would it look like?

Mark and me were chatting about making scripted food....

[14:01] Essie Radford: i will do some 2 prim food too
[14:02] Essie Radford: i looked around, and most food is prim heavy
[14:02] Mark Scofield: yes would be nice to have low prim and healthy food
[14:02] Mark Scofield: when you go to the market next time ask if they apples are low prim :)
[14:03] Essie Radford: lmao
[14:03] Mark Scofield: hehe yes
[14:03] Mark Scofield: "I want to make a salad but my kitchen is only for 15 prims can you suggest me some vegetables"
[14:04] Mark Scofield: they call the paramedic :)
[14:04] Essie Radford: hahahahah yes
[14:04] Essie Radford: waco essie

[14:04] Essie Radford: "sir... i am trying to check your apples..... who was the creator?"
[14:05] Mark Scofield: "right click and inspect lady"
[14:05] Essie Radford: "i tried... perhaps the asset server isnt loading...."
[14:06] Mark Scofield: "well then you have to wait, I will not sell anything to you if your asset connection is not working"
[14:06] Essie Radford: "I will wait for a moment........" and looks up to the clouds to see if the asset is updating and then crashes
[14:06] Mark Scofield: "ohh I see, medic ... she is crashing"
[14:07] Essie Radford -poof online again-
[14:08] Essie Radford: "i want to buy the red apple...but i cant see it... everything is grey"
[14:09] Mark Scofield: well wait a minute or teleport out and then back
[14:09] Essie Radford: "ugghheeee smoke here... "
[14:09] Mark Scofield: "thats me lady, stop bumping into me"
[14:09] Essie Radford: "owwww but i only see a wig floating...and some shoes on the that you?"
[14:10] Mark Scofield: "errm yes, let me rebake"
[14:10] Mark Scofield: "always the same, I baked my skin this morning but always these problems"
[14:11] Essie Radford nods "something is rezzing now... but it looks pink...."
[14:11] Mark Scofield: "don't like pink? let me edit it quickly, how about red?"
[14:12] Essie Radford: "it has white spots too....."
[14:12] Mark Scofield: "here is your red apple, fresh of course and low prim"
[14:12] Essie Radford: "let me inspect if first.... is it copy?"
[14:12] Mark Scofield: "well it is but no transfer so no refunds, sorry"
[14:13] Essie Radford: "can i modify it?"
[14:13] Mark Scofield: "let me see, it is sculpted grade ... so you can adjust the size, looks fresh with that color and low prim, did I say that already?"
[14:14] Essie Radford: "I think you did.... so I can make it green too?"
[14:14] Mark Scofield nods "you can, but you should make a copy first, I can't take it back or send you a new"
[14:15] Essie Radford nods "I understand.... let me pay you" she touches the apple, and a blue screen appears and she hits PAY "there you go..."
[14:15] Mark Scofield: "thank you and don't forget to click the board at the entrance so we can send you unsolicited advertisements"
[14:16] Mark Scofield: "we have fresh low one prim bananas too, you should try these"
[14:16] Essie Radford: "banana's... are those a demo?"
[14:17] Mark Scofield: "the bananas are cheap dollarbies"
[14:17] Mark Scofield: "no demo"
[14:17] Essie Radford: "also copy and modify?"
[14:17] Mark Scofield: "only copy, I am sorry"
[14:18] Essie Radford nods "perhaps next time ...."
[14:18] Mark Scofield smiles "you are always welcome, let me give you the landmark"
[14:19] Essie Radford: "I have it in my spanker hud...."
[14:19] Mark Scofield: "ohh ahhh handy"
[14:19] Essie Radford: "yes, it is a new gadget... have a nice day"
[14:20] Mark Scofield: "have a nice day and fluent teleports"